Our story so far

Little steps, every day, blossom into giant strides, someday.

Our journey

Our story began in 2021 in a little makeshift shop, where we made our first sale - a set of silk scrunchies. We started on a pretty rough terrain, and our challenges surpassed our efforts, or so it seemed, but with a clear vision and an unrelenting determination, we made it happen. We are proud to be one of the few female-owned silk brands in the US!

Today, we have sold more than just a pair of scrunchies; we have expanded our frontiers to reach more women bringing them a beauty solution that will preserve and totally transform their hair and skin health forever.

Ultimate summer treat

After a day of sun, fun, and the most decadent sherbet, retreat to the exquisite comfort of our mulberry silk pillowcases, where rejuvenation awaits. Perfect for those long summer nights!

Our branding

Wholesome customer satisfaction is our optimal goal at SILKEDGED. We strategically placed our pillowcase branding entirely out of your way so that you can enjoy the full reach of the entire breadth of your silky-smooth pillowcase without running into any bumps.

Our culture

At SILKEDGED, we believe in giving back to the community. It is our way of reciprocating kindness and appreciating nature for the gift of our mulberry silk. Our little efforts are geared towards being part of something meaningful and impactful. Consequently, 1% of our proceeds support girls and women in the global community.

Our future

We live and breathe pure mulberry silk. Our vision is to never compromise on the quality of our products because we want every woman to fully experience the unrivaled benefits of mulberry silk so that they can confidently preserve and pass down the legacy of our mulberry silk for generations to come.